5 Biggest Challenges facing the Hospitality Industry

1. Skilled worker shortage According to the office of national statistics, 37.4% of businesses in the hospitality industry are experiencing a shortage of skilled staff, thereby making it the industry most significantly impacted by skilled labour shortages. This is due to several different converging factors, low or tipped wages leading hospitality workers to seek employment […]

Highest Paying Part Time Jobs for Students!

Cleaner – average Hourly pay: £9.50 – £11.20 Finding a cleaning placement through Teamwork H&C is quick and easy due to the constant demand for cleaners in office spaces, homes, hotels, or events. These roles are available even for those with little experience in cleaning. There are always temporary, flexible cleaning roles available through Teamwork […]

How to Improve your Hospitality CV to get noticed more

Begin with a punchy personal statement – a summary of your experience or titles you have previously held, include the number of years you have spent in the relevant sectors. In addition, briefly describe the opportunities you are looking for and the skills you possess. Put your experience in the next section – the experience […]

The Importance of LinkedIn in finding a job.

When finding a job, either temporary or full-time social media channels are your best friend. As a job seeker you can scour its wide-ranging job board, there are often vacancies in various sectors. Creating a LinkedIn profile and fleshing it out with content helps to build your own brand image in the eyes of the […]

How to Impress in a Housekeeping Interview

If you are a housekeeper seeking a new job in the same career line and you have been selected for a trial, congratulations! You must have impressed your potential employers with your experience and knowledge; however, it is likely that you must now demonstrate your adeptness in a trial shift. For the interviewee, the trial […]

How to become an Event Worker

There are many jobs in the event industry depending on your skillset, knowledge, and experience. Frontline service can include ticket-takers, ushers, and parking lot attendants. Other food service roles can include concession workers, food servers and bartenders. As well as this, venue housekeeping also requires janitors and clean-up crew members. Placements as an event worker […]

Are you a Chef looking for extra work at Christmas?

Christmas can be rife with opportunities for Chefs, or aspiring Chefs who desire to gain some experience in the kitchen. At Teamwork H&C this Christmas we have many solutions for those who seek extra employment in the busy festive period. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best ways for Kitchen workers to pick […]

How to nail your phone interview!

Understand the position you are applying for. Consider the roles and responsibilities of the job you are applying for. For example: As a kitchen porter, the responsibilities include washing pots and pans, keeping floors clean, sanitizing food preparation areas, and having knowledge of general health and safety. Tell our staffing specialists any relevant experience – […]

The Advantages of Temporary Employment

The benefits of temporary employment are varied and wide-ranging, as such temporary employment is becoming increasingly popular, in 2021 temporary workers in employment rose to a five-year high. Temporary employment is where you are required to work on a flexible basis, either for a specific project or for extra manpower in a busy period. Temporary […]

Our Recruitment Process Explained!

The recruitment process begins from the minute you contact one of our staffing specialists, this can be done through emailing us at info@teamworkhc.com, calling us at 0203 747 7774, sending a message to our LinkedIn, or even by filling out the form on our website. Immediately after you contact Teamwork H&C we sort through our […]