Cleaner – average Hourly pay: £9.50 – £11.20

Finding a cleaning placement through Teamwork H&C is quick and easy due to the constant demand for cleaners in office spaces, homes, hotels, or events. These roles are available even for those with little experience in cleaning. There are always temporary, flexible cleaning roles available through Teamwork H&C, even if you’re only looking to work a few hours each week.

Event staff – average Hourly pay: £10.40 – £11.00

Another position that is always available through Teamwork H&C is event staff placements, we staff numerous venues across the UK, including the London Stadium, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Ascot Racecourse and even Wembley Stadium. From Premier League football week in week out, to seasonal events such as the Royal Ascot and athletic events. These positions are desirable for students as they require no training.

Support Worker – average Hourly pay: £9.55 – £12.26

Being a support worker in social care requires compassion, patience, sensitivity, and a true desire to help those in need. It is one of the highest paying part time jobs available in the UK and requires no specific qualifications, though experience in the care sector is helpful.

Security – average Hourly pay: £10 – £12.50

There are a few necessary skills needed in a security role, including customer service skills for negotiation, patience in stressful situations, knowledge of public safety and the ability to work as a part of a team. Placements are available at Teamwork H&C for workers who aspire to work in security at a variety of events. This role requires a couple necessary qualifications including an SIA security badge and NVQ Level 2 Spectator Safety.

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