When finding a job, either temporary or full-time social media channels are your best friend. As a job seeker you can scour its wide-ranging job board, there are often vacancies in various sectors. Creating a LinkedIn profile and fleshing it out with content helps to build your own brand image in the eyes of the employer, here at Teamwork H&C we value an employee who consistently posts their achievements. Chefs should post their dishes; Housekeepers should share examples of their service and Event workers should post updates within their industry.

The most important facet of LinkedIn is its use for networking, you can maintain a rolodex of different contacts who you can reconnect with when the time is right. It also enables you to conduct research on companies and its employees, companies will also share news and insights which you as a customer or aspiring employee can interact with. Through LinkedIn you can build relationships with your mutual connections, companies and keep up to date with important job listings and information.

For individuals in hospitality, event work or health and social care, LinkedIn can be extremely useful. Whether you desire to build your network to share valuable insights or for new opportunities, LinkedIn is valuable.

We value LinkedIn as we have recently begun to captivate the Teamwork H&C audience by posting quality content and insights about the staffing industry. It helps us to find viable candidates and allows us to interact with the community. Get started today and connect with us on LinkedIn!


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