Partnership – Agencies are able to partner with workers and companies, providing the candidates with access to hundreds of potential jobs suiting your skill level and experience. Staffing agencies can become subcontractors for other companies, allowing for a constant stream of incoming jobs.

Prevent work overload – Temporary employees from staffing agencies can help accomplish tasks to aid your permanent staff, increasing productivity in the workplace.

Decrease costs – Hiring temporary employees from staffing agencies may cost less than hiring permanent ones in house. Having vacancies for an extended period of time can cost the hiring company a lot of money, staffing firms provide solutions by locating suitable candidates for the job openings as quickly as possible.

Save time – Staffing agencies are able to manage the recruitment process from start to finish, Teamwork H&C operates in hospitality, events and social care, at all times we have a team of trained experts that can quickly pass all of the pre-employment screening and testing. Staffing agencies also handle the technicalities of the onboarding process, saving time for the company.

Evaluate the candidate – With staffing firms, you are able to judge their performance before you offer them a full-time position. The hiring agency is able to observe how the potential candidate can respond to different situations.

Working with staffing agencies can be the right solution in certain scenarios:

– If you have a sudden need to hire multiple employees

– If your business is seasonal and you’re looking for temporary employees

– If your company lacks the resources for starting a new recruitment process

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