· No profile photo / or a photo not related to your occupation – No photo may be interpreted as lacking confidence and not approachable.

· Inadequate introductory ‘headline’ – Answer the question “What do I do?” Answering this may mean that you showcase your current job title as an introductory headline, if you are currently unemployed write “seeking new opportunities” and put your previous experience in the experience section

· Sell yourself in the “About” summary – Use first person and describe the impact you have had in previous roles. “I have experience working as part of a team in different environments, my collaborative nature helped to solve problems for clients.” Categorize your impact as either problems solved, time saved, costs saved or people helped.

· A bare “Experience” section – For your current or most recent job use bullet points and create a list of 3-5 accomplishments, use facts and figures for the best results. Use the same approach for your past jobs. As well as this, make sure to incorporate keywords relevant to your industry, for example Housekeepers should discuss “rooms division, sheet assembly” etc.

· Recommendations are a great way to build credibility – These personalised written descriptions show that you genuinely enthused people you have previously worked with.

· Too much or too little activity – If you are online multiple times each day it appears as though you are not that focused on your current occupation.

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