The question-and-answer section of the interview process helps the interviewer to gauge your passion, skill, expertise and knowledge for the job and industry. Take control of your interview by asking these 6 astute questions, the interviewer will usually consider you a more valuable and intelligent candidate if you have a few questions on-hand to ask near the end of the interview.

“What would you expect a good candidate to achieve in the first 3-6 months?”

This question is useful as it enables you to gauge expectations for this role and compare the expectations of this role to your own personal achievements in previous jobs. You do not want to be misled about the requirements of the job.

“What does the future of (this company) look like?”

A question related to the future of the company you are applying for shows that you are enthusiastic to stay on with this company. You might want to inquire about their plans for a new product, new menu, new services or market expansion.

“Is there room for career progression in this role?”

This question is necessary for anyone seeking a role with career progression, many placements within hospitality have scope for promotion. Housekeepers can become housekeeping managers, kitchen assistants can become Chef de Partie, and receptionists can become front of house managers.

“How can my role impact the organization positively?”

Every single position in the company acts as a part of the whole, provocative questions like these can make the interviewer consider you as a positive force for the company. As well as this, learning about the potential impact of your role can help you to better understand your role and responsibilities.

“What other tasks are there outside of the job description?”

Traditionally the responsibilities for every position are included on the job advertisement, this question can help you appear as enthusiastic and shows that you are eager to carry out more duties than the basics.

“What is the next step of the application process?”

This is an astute question to ask for any interview, as it shows that you are considering the whole process. Many roles in the hospitality industry can involve a trial shift to see if you are a good fit for the company, this can occur in Chef or Housekeeping positions.

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