If you are a housekeeper seeking a new job in the same career line and you have been selected for a trial, congratulations! You must have impressed your potential employers with your experience and knowledge; however, it is likely that you must now demonstrate your adeptness in a trial shift. For the interviewee, the trial shift is a good way to find out whether the housekeeping job would be the right fit for you.

· Come prepared for your housekeeping trial – Getting a trial does not mean that you have the job, therefore, you must consider the trial period as an extended job interview. Some things to consider are never show up late, be alert and responsive and try to use this opportunity to impress with your organisational skills.

  1. Look the part – Ensure that you are dressed formally and make sure that you are not wearing too much jewellery.
  2. Go the extra mile – Show your aptitude by creating a schedule of the household tasks for the days you are on trial. This will exhibit your keenness for the position as well as showing your skillset. The best housekeepers use detailed checklists for all the points that need to be cleaned or checked and maintain a list of the items that need replacing.
  3. See the trial as an opportunity to impress and as a way of finding out whether this is the right job for you.
  4. Teamwork H&C offers a 3-month employment program for aspiring Housekeepers after a successful screening call (https://www.teamworkhc.com/post/how-to-nail-your-phone-interview)

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