The benefits of temporary employment are varied and wide-ranging, as such temporary employment is becoming increasingly popular, in 2021 temporary workers in employment rose to a five-year high. Temporary employment is where you are required to work on a flexible basis, either for a specific project or for extra manpower in a busy period. Temporary employment can fall under fixed-term contracts or temporary contracts. This could come in the form of a short period work or a given number of hours per week working on a specific project until its completion. Temporary work provides freedom and flexibility for employees and remains the perfect form of work for students, occupied parents, or inexperienced personnel looking for entry level roles.

  1. The freedom and flexibility of temporary work – you become in control of your own work, rather than having to conform to the traditional 9-5 schedule. You are able to take career breaks and work around your life.
  2. Good for networking – temporary jobs are a great way of growing your network, finding a placement with Teamwork H&C will enable you to become part of our active community, making you more eligible for further work in the future if you join our mail list.
  3. Upskill yourself and gain experience – enriching your CV with temporary work can make your skillset more unique and in turn make you more employable. Teamwork H&C can make you a sub-contractor for respected companies such as Marriott, therefore improving your future career prospects.
  4. It can help you secure permanent employment – this one is fairly self-explanatory, if you spend time in temporary employment and build a resume of experience in different roles it can enable you to gain full-time employment if that is what you desire.

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