– Be reliable

Show up on time every day, and make a record of the impact that you have made in your workplace. Value your temporary gig as if it was a permanent position.

– Have a positive mindset

You should go the extra mile for your temporary job by coming in on time, offering to work overtime or take on new responsibilities. Avoid the ‘thought trap’ of thinking that you are just in a temporary position, even though this may be true you must adopt a growth mindset. Considering yourself as an extension of the company changes your motivation and mentality.

– Networking

Ensure that you maintain contact with your colleagues, connect with them on LinkedIn and stay in the loop with their updates. Through networking you may be able to research the organisation further and understand its history.

Build relationships with the leaders and those who have an impact on the hiring process. Introduce yourself to others always and stay visible in the workplace. Make friends and connect with your colleagues.

– Demonstrate your value

In Hospitality, Events or Health and Social Care there is always ways to demonstrate your value. Established figures such as “rooms managed” for housekeeping staff, or the impact that you made in your workplace. Or you can attempt to make processes and systems more efficient, do this by making a list of ideas to implement in the workplace.

– Adapt to the culture

Take in your surroundings and consider what is successful in the environment you work in. You must pay close attention to how you present yourself, in dress code and actions. Attempt to assimilate into your new workplace and become a friendly, approachable character. Adapt to your new culture by reinforcing your soft skills, you should become a team player, showing enthusiasm and motivation.

– Ask for the job

First you must clarify whether permanent employment is possible, find out what it will take for you to get an offer at this company and make sure that you will be considered when there is an opening for your position. You should let a person of influence know as early as possible, a few weeks into your temporary gig, after adapting to your new workplace you should consider asking. There is a distinction between being direct and being confident, you must toe this line when trying to get a full-time position.

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