1. Understand the position you are applying for. Consider the roles and responsibilities of the job you are applying for. For example: As a kitchen porter, the responsibilities include washing pots and pans, keeping floors clean, sanitizing food preparation areas, and having knowledge of general health and safety.
  2. Tell our staffing specialists any relevant experience – in many of our roles some form of customer service experience is valued, this is true of security roles, front of house staff and social care.
  3. Provide your requirements and availability – For example, “I wish to work 20 hours per week, I have experience in the hospitality industry and wish to work as a waiter.” Outlining your needs and availability help our staffing specialists to provide the perfect employment solution.
  4. Prepare some questions to ask – For example, “do you have any roles which provide night shifts?”
  5. Make sure to speak clearly and let your needs be known.
  6. Consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) if you require any more information regarding the application process.

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