There are many jobs in the event industry depending on your skillset, knowledge, and experience. Frontline service can include ticket-takers, ushers, and parking lot attendants. Other food service roles can include concession workers, food servers and bartenders. As well as this, venue housekeeping also requires janitors and clean-up crew members.

Placements as an event worker can be perfect for students, those with little experience and those who desire to work on weekends. Event workers require good customer service skills, reliability, and the ability to remain calm under pressure. There are no qualifications or education requirements for event workers, most employees are able to adapt and learn skills on the job. Though some knowledge of health and safety standards is essential.

Events work can be perfect for students as it offers competitive pay rates, it is extremely flexible, and you can start whenever you desire. Temporary event work also requires minimal experience though it allows you to develop a network in the events industry, should you choose to enter events management. Events work also provides an unmatched environment, you could hear people singing along in concert, you could listen to the roars of the crowd in a football match, or you could hear the cars race around the track at Silverstone.

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