Hiring a staffing agency can help to streamline the hiring process, decrease expenses and help you to find skilled staff. In the hospitality industry staffing agencies are necessary for temporary employment, due to the seasonality of the industry, staff are often onboarded at peak times throughout the year. There are 5 tell-tale signs that you require a staffing agency to ease the stress of the hiring process:

1. High turnover rate

A high turnover rate is a tell-tale sign that there is a problem with your hiring process. High turnover rates can have a hugely negative impact on your profit as well as the productivity of your staff. There can be extra expense spent on recruitment for a replacement, or there may be a shortage of skilled staff once a key employee departs.

2. Low on time

Searching for the right candidate can take your time and attention away from other more important tasks. From reviewing CV’s, to contacting candidates, to conducting interviews, onboarding new staff can be a tiresome process. If you do not have the time to produce detailed job descriptions, sort through CV’s and screen candidates, it could be a sign to hire a staffing agency.

3. Problems finding skilled staff

If you have problems sourcing skilled staff it could be down to any number of different reasons, it may be that your job description is unclear, your job listings are not reaching the right audience, or you are not prepared for the hiring process.

This can all come to a head when those who have problems locating skilled staff end up with a ‘bad hire’. A bad hire can cost upwards of “30% of the employees first year earnings” (U.S Department of Labour) for your business.

4. You need temporary staff

All industries require temporary staff at some point, due to either maternity leave complications, sick employees or a project that needs to be urgently completed or staffed. To relieve your other employees of the work overload and enable your projects to be smoothly ran, it is recommendable that you should consider a staffing agency.

5. Nobody is responding to your job listing

When advertising a job listing it is important to optimise your search terms, create listings on job boards, use social media to advertise the position, and more. It can be daunting for companies to conduct their own hiring process, and job listing doesn’t guarantee job visibility. Resolve this problem today by contacting a staffing agency.

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